what am i working on?

2016-11-27 14:04:03 by R-Pivot

theres a ton of stuff im working on. however, most projects arent allowed to be shared because of newgrounds rules, that means i can only make original content, and not something else (even if it is edited, such as the "spingebill" ytps.)

heres one original project, it may need your help soon.

hint: act the sound


ok  this may be obvious what im doing

discord server!

2016-08-22 20:17:59 by R-Pivot


new test

2016-08-20 12:10:42 by R-Pivot


happy clock day 2016-something

2016-08-16 09:54:11 by R-Pivot

merry clockmas

happy clock year

something clock




im not dead

2016-08-13 03:43:22 by R-Pivot

im not dead

i just lost all my files and had to start over


p.s. new box vs paper things coming soon

Something exciting!

2016-04-09 18:48:09 by R-Pivot

Hey guys! RandomPivot here saying im excited that im going to relase some old works and maybe some new ones with www.scratch.mit.edu!

However, i'm only stuck on using HTML code like this:


And then converting that code (in the picture) into a HTML5 archive. You can PM me about this situation if you do know how to solve this tricky thing.

Cloud Data won't be on there, so I have to make Newground ports by downloading them and then editing them so it's good to go.


However, if it all fails, i'll convert them into .swf and make the ports, convert them, and share.


How ill do it (BASICLLY)

1. Download A Project (or clone it)

2. Remove anything Cloud Data related (or anything that feels stupid (such as bad music choice))

3. Convert into either a HTML5 Archive or a .swf

4. Do the other stuff you do when ediitng a newgrounds project

5. Share, and wait for the fame (lol)


2 of those firstly of what ill upload are going to be OLD works. They will be said so in their description!

Thats all for now, have a great day! (or night, depends.)

Another update. Jeez!

2016-02-06 14:36:13 by R-Pivot

Feeling a bit sleepy, but thats fine with me. Time for a update!

First off, yes, I'm still animating, its just that I never shared you guys the things.

Anyways, lets start off something... more interesting.

Madness Dojo... intro.







First off,  i was working on this, but i never... found a good plot. I was also nervous telling some friends about this because they have never animated madness, but when they animate sticks, it would feel more... just say its more of a 1v1 cross over thing.

I never really let you guys know about this because... Some people just make secrets.


Next... a blog!

The blog part is the best part, as i can post UPDATES to you guys there, and more SERIOUS things here. (Or not so serious.)

You can also let me know about things on my other accounts.


See my blog here, aswell: https://scratchxt.wordpress.com


and then...


I won't be uploading videos... This is because Youtube is being an arse and i cant upload even 1 minute videos until it finishes... which takes OVER 3 DAYS.

So in order to fix it, i've been going to see if i can upload the videos i made for youtube onto newgrounds, aslong as they accept it.



Test 4!

2016-01-19 19:36:37 by R-Pivot

Welp, I finished test 4, and I think its beautiful. I followed constructive critisim and i've did it!


Constructive Critisim and Ideas for Test 5 are welcome! :))

Hey guys, quick update that i'm doing tests for animation. I've finished 3 tests, and I want to see what you want me to do next!

Here are the 3 tests so far...

  1. http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/7142ef9ad85c561e18da8e1d241ae680
  2. http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/1b407ed28c3da474243acc625df8f6f9
  3. http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/95cfae6b6560b674f4226bbe878e6340

Tell me what I should do next, or you can ask me to do a joint!

I can't wait to see what you guys have in store with your big-as-the-internet brains! I can't wait to take part!


It looks like I stumbled into newgrounds. I really seen that coming. (jk i didint)

Well as my ususal self I have to keep track of everywhere i friggin go in order to keep my fans up to date on stuff. So for the sake of newgrounds ill read the rules, upload stuff, do stuff, make stuff, do whatever else you do.

Wish me luck. ;P