Entry #1

And i'm NOW over here or whatever.

2016-01-17 10:44:32 by R-Pivot


It looks like I stumbled into newgrounds. I really seen that coming. (jk i didint)

Well as my ususal self I have to keep track of everywhere i friggin go in order to keep my fans up to date on stuff. So for the sake of newgrounds ill read the rules, upload stuff, do stuff, make stuff, do whatever else you do.

Wish me luck. ;P


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2016-01-18 15:06:23

lol your presentation was a little funny somehow
Well, welcome to newgrounds man, and nice to know you're animating Madness, but please, if possible remove that test from the Movie Portal, y'know, the Portal was made exclusively for finished projects, if you want to show to the public your tests, here's the steps:
1. At the top of the screen (on Newgrounds), there are some squares after your nickname, click on the second square.
2. This is your Dumping Grounds, where you can store your files, you can make them public by copying their link, then paste on a newspost.
Feel free to PM me if you need ;)
Good luck :D

R-Pivot responds:

I know, and thanks ^.^

Hey, maybe we could work on a joint!

We can send files back and forth on skype. Take note i have Flash CC 2015. But if you have a older version (flash 8) I can go get that. :)