Another update. Jeez!

2016-02-06 14:36:13 by R-Pivot

Feeling a bit sleepy, but thats fine with me. Time for a update!

First off, yes, I'm still animating, its just that I never shared you guys the things.

Anyways, lets start off something... more interesting.

Madness Dojo... intro.







First off,  i was working on this, but i never... found a good plot. I was also nervous telling some friends about this because they have never animated madness, but when they animate sticks, it would feel more... just say its more of a 1v1 cross over thing.

I never really let you guys know about this because... Some people just make secrets.


Next... a blog!

The blog part is the best part, as i can post UPDATES to you guys there, and more SERIOUS things here. (Or not so serious.)

You can also let me know about things on my other accounts.


See my blog here, aswell:


and then...


I won't be uploading videos... This is because Youtube is being an arse and i cant upload even 1 minute videos until it finishes... which takes OVER 3 DAYS.

So in order to fix it, i've been going to see if i can upload the videos i made for youtube onto newgrounds, aslong as they accept it.




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2016-02-06 17:23:40

hello der i keim two sei hai