Something exciting!

2016-04-09 18:48:09 by R-Pivot

Hey guys! RandomPivot here saying im excited that im going to relase some old works and maybe some new ones with!

However, i'm only stuck on using HTML code like this:

And then converting that code (in the picture) into a HTML5 archive. You can PM me about this situation if you do know how to solve this tricky thing.

Cloud Data won't be on there, so I have to make Newground ports by downloading them and then editing them so it's good to go.


However, if it all fails, i'll convert them into .swf and make the ports, convert them, and share.


How ill do it (BASICLLY)

1. Download A Project (or clone it)

2. Remove anything Cloud Data related (or anything that feels stupid (such as bad music choice))

3. Convert into either a HTML5 Archive or a .swf

4. Do the other stuff you do when ediitng a newgrounds project

5. Share, and wait for the fame (lol)


2 of those firstly of what ill upload are going to be OLD works. They will be said so in their description!

Thats all for now, have a great day! (or night, depends.)


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